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Welcome to St Andrew’s


WELCOME to the family of St Andrew’s Community Church in Otahuhu.
We are a community orientated, diverse, multicultural and inclusive family.
Focus is on helping our community by extending the hand of Christ.
Aim is to unite all peoples regardless of background.
Motive is to show God’s love in practical ways.
Individuals coming together as a community.
Love for our community is, “to love your neighbour as yourself”.
Youth are the future and need guidance and support in a caring environment.

Guiding the family of St Andrew’s is the vibrant and passionate Rev. Arona Tusega, supported by his lovely wife Mativa. They have a passion and a deep desire to continue to strengthen ties with the community. They have several projects in the works and events which the community will be invited to attend. This is just a small insight into their vision for the community.
St Andrew’s has just recently celebrated 100 years of service within the community, with a view to serving another 100.
All are welcome to join our family, check out our services or contact the office for more information.
Look forward to seeing you.

Yours In Christ.