Our Vision

We stand together in Faith, Hope and Love.                                                                                                                        

Our Mission

To glorify God and build His kingdom, united in the building and showing His Love; and united in reaching out locally and globally.

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Previous Pastor – Arona Tusega

Kia Ora, Talofa, Kiaorana and greetings; My name is Arona Tusega and my wife is Mativa Tusega. Seven years ago, we were called by St Andrew’s Community Church Otahuhu to be their minister. What attracted us to this church was their pursuit for a minister who could unite the people. We came knowing that if the people are longing for unity, let’s help them get there. I am pleased to say that with God’s help, people are responding positively to change and the church is growing. Our simple vision is“We stand together in Faith, Hope and Love.” Our mission is “to glorify God and build his kingdom, united in showing and sharing His Love and reaching out locally and globally”. Our desire is to make disciples to send forth. So we want to nurture our children and our young people to grow to become servants of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want our church to be a place of welcome, love and nourishment; we want our people to grow and show strong leadership together and to glorify God.